Welcome to Four Foot and Clean.

Four foot and clean provides a showcase for all of my interactive art and multimedia design work. The work that can be found on this site ranges from interactive video projects that were undertaken during my M.A in Interactive Art to the various multimedia projects that I have worked on for various companies and design organisations.

Due to the size of the majority of my interactive art/video work full versions of these projects are not online at the moment so please contact me if you wish to obtain my interacive art showreel.

The majority of the interactive video pieces were made using Flash Mx and Adobe Premier.

Latest Projects

Portfolio Update

Corporate branding Cornish Food Market - more information coming soon

Email News Letter Viva.org

Sawhorse Books

Health and Safety

Textile Illustration


29/11/10 - update sawhorse books with new illustration

19/11/10 - Some Additions to portfolio more coming soon.

08/11/10 - Site redesign, many more changes and updates coming soon.

28/06/10 - Web update for Sawhorse books

21/01/10 - Web update for Sawhorse books

02/07/09 - Design of email news letter for viva.org

01/06/09 - Western Solar project dropped due to lack of client communication

28/03/09 - Web update for Sawhorse books.

14/02/09 - Gallery redesign all in css for Textile Illustration

05/12/08 - New Artwork online for for Sawhorse books.

31/10/08 - Web update for Sawhorse books.

23/09/08 - Funding for Redman no longer available site offline.

19/06/08 - Small web update for Sawhorse books.

20/04/08 - Textile Illustration the art work of Cornish artist Cat Rowe has had a BIG re-design with more work coming soon.

20/01/08 - Sawhorse Books website redesigned take a look and buy a book before they sell out.

21/10/07 - Been ages since last update. Most of time been spent on the soon to be relaunched sawhorse website. All DNC design work is now off line. Currently working on a new site for Western Solar, a company offering green energy solutions. Also planning on updating Textile Illustration in the coming weeks

07/04/07 - Website redesigned and up dated now fully validated CSS and XHTML

29/03/07 - New web site under development in association with DNC design. The site is for a London based recruitment company. At the moment just have one page online, more of a holding page with a basic design.

01/03/07 - The Paperman site has been taken offline by the company due to a restructure. Shame really as some of my best Seo work had gone into giving that site top 3 search engine rankings.

01/02/07 - Some of my work has been added to Magnus Magazine take a look

03/09/06 - Hmmmm site redesigned a few days ago maybe weeks not really sure. Still needs tidying up but its better that before. For those people that have seen the Sawhorse site please remember that this is a work in progress and dont bother Chris telling him his site is not working just be patient. The Sawhores site is really shapping up nicely and is due for an oficial launch in the next couple of weeks. Also the redsigned DNC web site is coming soon! Probably be simaltainiously launched with the Saw Horse one.

16/08/06 - Technically the clock just ticked over so that means two updates in two days, have to be careful this could become a regular thing. Have added more images to textile illustration, i really like them take a look at cats illustration also lots of work has been done on Sawhorse books which should be ready for launching soon.

15/08/06 - Have been working on a new design for the site all in css so fingers crossed should launch it by the end of the week

17/06/06 - First Entry in a while. Been really busy check out dnc design and seo,textile illustration(cats site),health and safety and currently working on revamping Sawhorse books. New site design for this site coming very soon. 17/11/05 - Added a few pieces of interest to my sketch book and have added some more pieces to my portfolio including a focus on Paperman and some recent multimedia projects ~I have undertaken.

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